About us,
our values
and promise

We are a values driven team, that embraces diversity and demands ambition, in solving for the world's challenges.

We hope you respect us for the dedication and know us by our values


Is what we want to create, facilitate and secure in everything we do.


Is the starting point for everything we do and how we do it.


Ensured by insisting on making the biggest possible difference to all our stakeholders, especially Gaia.

The values define us. Three parties with diverse skills but the same set of values, a well-defined vision and plan to solve a specific problem. "Making LCA calculations invisible" in the dialogue on climate optimization, so that the energy is used on the necessary innovation.

Everyone on the team is encouraged to make decisions based on our value set, and generally find inspiration in them, regardless of one's role or topic. The same applies to when we design solutions or interact with each other and stakeholders.

Real-Time LCA, is our first solution, where we address a global challenge with this approach. But it is not the last.

Meet the Passionate
team behind Real-Time LCA

Team is everything - especially

Real-time LCA is created by a joint venture between three organizations with specialties within sustainable construction, management and IT development within the construction industry's value chain.

The parties have come together with a common set of values and a clear vision for how we create the world's lightest and most potent LCA platform to address one of the world's biggest climate challenges.

Sustainability & BIM

Lone Mortensen

Sustainability Lead

Ingibjörg Anna

Community Champion

Mads Ditlevsen

LCA Specialist


Nabil Chaykh


Martin Romby


Oliver Kusche

Chief Environmental Data Officer


Christopher Krejler

Back-end Developer

Thomas Frederik Achim Nielsen

Senior Software Engineer

Kristian Vinther

Senior Software Developer

Andreas Holm Andersen


Mathias Nancke

UX Designer & Test

Maksim Shitov

Database Engineer

Kenneth Luplau-Brøgger

Visual & Web Lead

Anders Hallundbæk

Senior Frontend Developer

Kilian Speiser

AEC Software Developer

Lars Bengtsson

Platform Engineer

...and we have allied ourselves with other talented and passionate people organizations in which we can reflect our values: