Understand, improve and document the building's climate footprint— save time, resources and CO2eq

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Learn about the new climate requirements in the building regulations and how we assist in this short video.

With trust from an industry in transition

The list of the industry's most passionate players using Real-Time LCA continues to expand.

NREP has selected Real-Time LCA as a key platform to analyze and document the climate impacts of our construction projects, which is an integrated aspect of our sustainability efforts. Through the partnership with Real-Time LCA, we achieve improved and expanded capabilities to work with LCA and sustainability data, both during and after construction is completed. At the same time, we mobilize and empower all stakeholders with continuous and relevant insights to realize our goals of a CO2 neutral portfolio.

Christoffer Terp Andersen

Manager – Sustainability Execution Team

A platform that defines the sustainability insights of the future

Automated and validated calculations

Automation of complex LCA calculations using quantities and materials retrieved directly from your building model, Excel, or entered manually, with an overview and history of all construction phases.

The LCA calculations can be 100% automated, and all stakeholders are empowered with continuous insights, while up to 70 percent of the effort otherwise spent on manual and repetitive LCA work is freed up in LCA processes, to minimize harmful emissions.

The most advanced library by far

An extensive library of environmental product declarations on building materials that are easily compared, with unique abilities to construct and compare structures as well, such as walls, ceilings, terrain, etc. Continuous insight paired with artificial intelligence that proactively recommends alternative materials that can reduce your CO2e in the project.

With artificial intelligence, alternative materials that minimize emissions are recommended! Soon also with price, acoustic, and fire data on materials.

Visual reports and insightful dashboards

With the same dynamic sustainability data that can meet certification, legal requirements for climate documentation, and financial reporting!

The value for you as ?

You must realize a builder's vision architecturally, financially and now also climate-wise. And the ambitions are often greater than the state's gradually increasing regulation on CO2eq emissions from 2023 to 2029.

You contribute to the green transition with knowledge of people, processes, architecture and digital planning. But you also know that in practice it happens through many iterations of designs and models in relation to requirements, ressources and wishes.

Life cycle assessments, LCA, are an important tool in the process. But you experience it as complicated and time-consuming. You are frustrated that it is so manual. In other words, you have a growing knowledge of sustainable solutions, but lack insight into the environmental footprint through the project's phases, to apply efficiently.

  • Only requires the installation of the plugin, so you can run your design and modeling process as usual
  • Provides quick insight into the environmental footprint of materials and constructions and inspires holistically better alternatives
  • Ensures effecticient collaboration and progress with LCA, with all project participants
  • Manage the CO2 budget transparently for all stakeholders throughout the entire lifecycle of the project

Packed with benefits

In addition to the groundbreaking functionalities, you can also expect a range of benefits.

Save up to 90% of the time spent on LCA

Stop spending valuable time on manual calculations and data collection. Our groundbreaking technology automates the process, significantly reducing time consumption. Imagine being able to complete in-depth LCAs in a fraction of the time it would normally take – this is now a reality.

Experiment with building materials

Our platform is designed to easily work with the environmental data of new materials in your analyses, making it simpler than ever to conduct exploratory and accurate LCA calculations. With an extensive database and an intuitive user interface, it's straightforward to add and assess the emissions of new materials and constructions.

Reduce human errors

Human errors in complex calculations can lead to significant discrepancies and potentially incorrect conclusions. We minimize this risk by automating the most complex parts of the LCA process. The technology ensures precision and consistency in all calculations, in a fraction of the time.

Minimizing your costs

The investment in Real-Time LCA is a fraction of the costs associated with traditional LCA methods. By automating and streamlining the process, we can offer this service at a fraction of what it would cost to perform similar analyses manually.

If you have any questions we are ready to answer.

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